Asphalt Paving Services in Southeastern, Michigan and the Surrounding Areas

Without quality paving, neither your employees nor your customers can reach your premises or move safely around them.

Nagle Paving Company provides the foundation your business needs to operate successfully. Headquartered in Novi, we offer paving services for businesses and city streets in Oakland County and throughout the Metro Detroit area. We strive to make your organization as accessible, safe and sustainable as possible, all while working quickly and affordably.

With six decades of experience in the area, Nagle Paving Company knows how to accommodate every variety of business and organization.

Whether for repairs or new construction projects, we can serve:

Industrial Facilities

Nagle Paving Company provides paving for industrial parking lots, loading docks and other structures. We allow manufacturers to ship in supplies and send out finished products safely and easily under all conditions.


The Nagle team has provided paving for fast food restaurants and other dining establishments. Whether you rely on a drive thru or expect your customers to park and come inside, we can accommodate you.


Financial firms need to provide quick, effective service for their customers, and that begins by offering them a safe and convenient place to park. We can pave parking lots for all of your subdivisions, ensuring that customers never have to hesitate before making deposits.


Apartments and condos need to offer their tenants and owners convenient parking spots. We are happy to pave these parking areas, as well as the surrounding city streets.

Retail Stores

Not only do retail stores need paved parking lots, but they also rely on solid loading areas to bring in new inventory. We can make sure that both features are in premium condition.

As an experienced paving company, we are prepared for every variety of road access issue your firm might have. No matter your needs and goals, we will provide quick, effective and affordable paving to meet them.

Besides offering paving for a wide variety of applications, Nagle further enhances your experience through


Asphalt Production

Rather than relying on asphalt from a third party, we make it at our own plant. As a result, we do not need to pay a middleman before paving your business, reducing the price of our services and allowing us to be more flexible.

Concrete Recycling

In addition to an asphalt plant, we have a concrete recycling facility where we break up old parking lot pieces into new material for future use. This makes our services more sustainable while further enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Union Use

As union contractors, we work with the Union of Operators, the Union of Teamsters and the Union of Laborers. This ensures that our employees are highly satisfied with their jobs and offer you the highest quality services. It also provides an independent source of verification to confirm that we are complying with all applicable safety standards.

For more information on our paving services or to request a free estimate for your business, contact Nagle Paving Company today!