Southeastern Michigan’s Preferred Asphalt Paving Company

With over 60 years of experience, Nagle Paving Company is southeast Michigan’s paving authority.

We are a full-service asphalt paving company that serves the area’s shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, truck terminals, subdivisions, apartment complexes, banks and restaurants. We believe in a hard day’s work and are committed to giving effort in every job that we do. Nagle Paving is a union contractor, representing the Union of Laborers, the Union of Operators and the Union of Teamsters. We have our own asphalt plant in Livonia, meaning that we know exactly what goes into our asphalt before we lay it, ensuring longevity. Can your asphalt contractor say the same? In addition to our asphalt plant we also have concrete recycling plants in Livonia & Detroit. Here we recycle old pavement into a reusable aggregate to be used as a base in new parking lots.

At Nagle Paving Company, we believe in complete transparency when you choose us to complete your business’s paving project.

We start each project with a free estimate to ensure that we’re the best fit for your company’s paving budget. Our projects are then planned out, ensuring that you know each step of the paving process and the timeline that your project will be completed. We are true to our word and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality paving work in the area!

To learn more about us or to request a free paving estimate, contact Nagle Paving Company today!